Maha Yoga

serv_yogaMaha Yoga in Regina offers instruction in yoga, meditation, yoga as therapy and yoga for children.

What can Maha offer you?

A yoga experience that will:

  • Challenge you both physically and mentally
  • Re-sculpt the body, building core strength, muscular tone and flexibility
  • Deepen the breath
  • Create grace and flow in the movement of body, breath and mind
  • Develop mental clarity and focus
  • Cultivate a state of emotional calm and relaxation
  • Create an experience of connectedness

About Maha Yoga

Maha Yoga is the vision of Pam Roberts to inspire a strong and healthy community of awareness by bringing people together to experience the authentic nature of yoga. Each class offers an opportunity to experience mindfulness in practice. You will be guided on an exploration and discovery of the intimate nature of the breath, body and mind, awakening to the essence of your being. Experience for yourself the transforming power of yoga and watch as your practice spills over into your life.

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